Medical translations

Spanish, English and Arabic


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Dr. Namaa Audi Alamiry

PhD, Physiology of Nutrition, Pharmacy

MSc, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

BSc, Pharmacy



Translation and localization of scientific-medical information.

Which languages?

English   --> Spanish     

Arabic    -->  Spanish     

Spanish  --> Arabic

English   --> Arabic

Spanish  --> English

Arabic    --> English

Which areas of expertise?

Medicine: scientific manuscripts and published papers, medical guidelines, medical reports, etc.

Biotechnology: description and specifications of consumables, reagents, analytical instruments and laboratory equipment, safety data sheets, etc.

Pharmaceutical: patents, information for patients, technical documentation of drugs and diagnostic products, etc.

Nutrition: scientific-technical manuscripts and reports, nutritional information about food and drink products, different documents for consumer goods companies, etc.

Other: general, non-technical information.

Which formats?

MS Word, Power Point, Excel, Websites, PDF. Please, contact us if you need another format.